The New Update

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The New Update

Post by PinchHitter » Fri May 11, 2018 6:43 am

Hey guys and gals,
We have decided to go through with the 1.13 update!

Hold off on your clapping. I know you are all excited, but it might not all be good news. This message is more to give everyone a heads up.
Some of you might already know this, but 1.13 will change a lot in minecraft and I dont mean just all the good stuff; commands, biome names, block names and a few other changes probably aswell.
You might be wondering what this has to do with you. Basically we are not sure. It might not effect you as much, we might be down for a day, but worst case scenario we will have to start over from scratch.. including all the players builds/spawn/all the plugins/maybe even the seed.

At this time we are still in the dark and have to wait for the real update to show us what we can and cannot do.
We are making back ups and will ofcourse try to copy paste every build into the new world if they get deleted, but we cannot guarantee this will work because of the blockname changes.

IF we have to rebuild everything... we would like some more builders or ideas as to what you guys think would be great to have at spawn.
What were the features you liked? Farm/Walmart/The airport/The killzone?
If you are a builder send a message to wallace or myself if you would like to help out, if you have any ideas for a new spawn reply preferably with a picture for reference. (you can use to upload files and copy the link in the reply)

Thank you!
And hopefully talk to you soon!
~Love P.H.

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